Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fashion Exchange Celebrates 6th Anniversary

Fashion Exchange 

     Trecia Francois’ upscale ladies’ consignment boutique in west Little Rock, Fashion Exchange, is having its sixth anniversary this month.
     Since Mrs. Francois opened her resale shop in October 2009, she has greatly expanded it, moving to a larger location at 400 North Bowman and expanding that location in 2013 into space next door, making her chic shop a whopping 4,000 square feet.  The interior is a bright, attractive space that artfully displays stylish clothing, handbags, footwear and jewelry.
     Trecia has enjoyed creating this special space where women and good clothing at a reasonable price come together.
     “I love clothes myself, and I love offering women an affordable way to restock their closets each season with the latest trends. I also feel like our store makes high-end labels available to 'regular women' like myself with families and budgets, and that makes me feel good. It's also really fun to see all the new stuff coming in each week. It's like Christmas for me and the other girls working for us. You only get that surprise in resale. You never know whats going to come in!”
     Fashion Exchange sells brand name clothing in junior, misses and plus sizes.  You will find designer clothing too, as well as vintage jewelry, designer handbags, boots, jeans, coats and some formal wear.  Brand names include Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, Brahmin, True Religion, Miss Me, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Fossil, Vera Bradley, BCBG, Chico’s, Talbot’s, The Loft and Anne Taylor.     
     Trecia’s philosophy about resale is one that she often uses as a tag line in her advertising:  “Why pay the difference when you can’t tell the difference?” 
     “I can buy an authentic high-end bag at my store for a third of what they cost in the department stores. I don't have to compromise on quality and we get stuff in excellent condition, often times with tags still on! I don't see a need to pay more for the same thing.”
     When Shoppe Talk was at the shop in September, there were lots of beautiful boots on display and a bunch of Razorback items.
    “We have more great game day looks than ever. We asked our customers and consignors to bring us some fabulous hogs’ gear and they totally came through.  We got a boatload of really cute Razorback-logo tees, tops, and accessories, as well as just a lot of great red dresses, tops, jewelry, etc., that would work for tailgating and game days.”
     Other fall and winter items are arriving daily.  “Lots of great trendy cardigans and sweaters are coming in as well as some very cute leather and pleather jackets and vests and flannel shirts, which are big this fall.”
     Trecia has four employees right now, including her daughter, Danielle, who has been working at the shop for two years.  “This season she is taking on more in terms of our marketing and also overseeing our day-to-day more. She is taking on a management role and will be here four days a week now.”
     Fashion Exchange has a website:  “Our website is a great place to get information about our store, see photos of the type of merchandise we carry, learn everything about how our consignment works, and see a copy of our consignment contract. I also recommend following us on Instagram and Facebook to see our new inventory in real time and learn about specials and sales.”
    Trecia will be having an anniversary celebration October 1.   “Besides the date I don't have details yet, but our Facebook and Instagram will be great places to watch for more information on that event. We have our Girls' Night Out shopping parties after hours about every six weeks, and it’s always a great turn out and just a fun time, and this one will be a big one since it's also our ‘Birthday Party.’  Speaking of our Girls' Night Out events - they are open to the public, there's always a special deal of some sort, and we always announce them on our Facebook and Instagram. And we send emails reminding everyone on our email list.
    “Another special perk we offer is our rewards program. You can earn rewards by signing up with us in store. We will track all your purchases and once you have spent $300 in our store, you earn $10 off regular-priced merchandise. With this program you will also receive a birthday card from us every year with a special coupon. There's no card or papers to keep up with. Once you are signed up all we need is your name when you check out, and the computer will keep up with your rewards and tell us when to give you your discount. This is also how you receive emails with exclusive information about our sales, new arrivals, and Girls' Night Out events. We have lots of regulars who love this program.”
     Fashion Exchange is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may reach Trecia at 227-7776.