Friday, November 30, 2012

Help the Birds 

     Jim Allen, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited, said you can really help birds in the winter by ensuring they have water.
     "We need to conscious of the fact that all through the winter birds need water not only for hydration, but it's important for birds to keep their feathers clean to keep them warm and healthy," Mr. Allen said.
     It's good to keep birdbaths as clean as possible and to have a heater to thaw ice when it freezes, Jim said. 
     Wild Birds sells a variety of heaters and defrosters for birdbaths.  
    "The better ones have higher wattage and are thermostatically controlled to kick on when the water temperature tests down to forty degrees."
    The less expensive ones, you plug in and unplug. 
    Of course, Wild Birds also offers lots of other goodies for your backyard birds, including a fully array of feeders and houses. There are some nice basic feeders, decorative feeders, and ones that keep out squirrels.
    "We have field guides and books and binoculars and lots of bird-related gifts, such as coffee mugs, blue birds of happiness, cards and pre-packed gifts, such as a gift pack of a suet cage and a book.  That runs about $20."
   The shop also carries a variety of seeds and suet cakes.  It can make up gift boxes or bags.
   Wild Birds is located at 1818 North Taylor across from Kroger in the Heights. It is open Monday through Saturday.  For more information, call Jim at 666-4210.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Very Marilyn Christmas at Stephano's

A Very Marilyn Christmas
At Stephano's Fine Art Gallery 

    Stephano's Fine Art Gallery will hold A Very Marilyn Christmas as part of Holidays in the Heights noon to 5 p.m. November 11.
    Ashley Polk-Sutherlin, manager of the gallery, said the Marilyn Monroe theme aims to create a mood to take us back to a time when things were good. The nostalgic shout-out to happier days will include a number of Marilyn paintings by her husband, Stephano Sutherlin, Christmas ornaments and vintage Christmas boxes by local artists, and signed and numbered lithographs by artists such as Dali. 
     Mr. Sutherlin, whose gallery has been in the Heights for six years now, was named Best Artist in Arkansas in the Best Of Arkansas 2012 readers' poll by the Arkansas Times.  Stephano has created Marilyn images so small they could hang on a Christmas tree (1x1 inch and 2x2 inch).  In addition 3x3 inch and 5x5 Marilyns will be for sale, as well as a 36x48 inch piece.

     Mrs. Polk-Sutherlin said artists Kathleen Kennally, Tony Dow and Angela Turney will have great Christmas ornaments for sale. 
     "And there will be cool stuff from K.K. Bennett, vintage Christmas boxes made from repurposed, recycled materials," Ashley said. 
     "We have several of Dali's pieces from the late 60s, early 70s: Helen of Troy, The Judgment of Paris, Tear of Time and three from his Alice in Wonderland series.  They are signed and numbered lithographs. And one, Helen of Troy, is an artist's proof."
      The Dalis range in price from $1,800 for framed pieces from the Alice series up to $4,000.  Other art objects for sale start as low as $25.
      "We have a good selection for everybody's budget," Ashley said. 
      The gallery also offers works by Peter Max in the $2,000 to $3,000 range and LeRoy Neiman's Grenadier Bar for $6,500.  "It was his favorite piece for a long time.  It hung behind his desk."
       Featured artists for November include digital artist Mark Johnson and fun, tongue-in-cheek stuff by Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady on the The Brady Bunch.  The gallery also features Mike Gaines, whose "Squareism" style of thousands of tiny squares is his take on Pointillism.   
     So, stop by for the Marilyn show, take a brief step back in time, and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of Stephano's Gallery.  For more information, call Ashley or Stephano at 614-7113.