Friday, November 30, 2012

Help the Birds 

     Jim Allen, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited, said you can really help birds in the winter by ensuring they have water.
     "We need to conscious of the fact that all through the winter birds need water not only for hydration, but it's important for birds to keep their feathers clean to keep them warm and healthy," Mr. Allen said.
     It's good to keep birdbaths as clean as possible and to have a heater to thaw ice when it freezes, Jim said. 
     Wild Birds sells a variety of heaters and defrosters for birdbaths.  
    "The better ones have higher wattage and are thermostatically controlled to kick on when the water temperature tests down to forty degrees."
    The less expensive ones, you plug in and unplug. 
    Of course, Wild Birds also offers lots of other goodies for your backyard birds, including a fully array of feeders and houses. There are some nice basic feeders, decorative feeders, and ones that keep out squirrels.
    "We have field guides and books and binoculars and lots of bird-related gifts, such as coffee mugs, blue birds of happiness, cards and pre-packed gifts, such as a gift pack of a suet cage and a book.  That runs about $20."
   The shop also carries a variety of seeds and suet cakes.  It can make up gift boxes or bags.
   Wild Birds is located at 1818 North Taylor across from Kroger in the Heights. It is open Monday through Saturday.  For more information, call Jim at 666-4210.