Monday, April 2, 2012

Kavanaugh Eye Care in the Heights

Dr. Brian Guice's Kavanaugh Eye Care

How do you have healthy eyes, clear sight, and look fantastic in the latest designer eyewear from around the world? Visit Kavanaugh Eye Care in the Heights.

It is the third anniversary for this upscale total eye and vision care business, which Dr. Brian Guice and his wife, Kerry, opened March 16, 2009.

Dr. Guice is an optometric physician, which means he is licensed and trained to diagnose and treat ocular diseases, as well as to fit and dispense glasses and contact lenses. OPs treat all sorts of eye ailments, from diabetic retinopathy to glaucoma to eye infections.

Brian was graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis after four years of study there. He attended the Memphis school after having graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a bachelor's in biology.

Being nearsighted may have had something to do with his opting for optometry.

"Not coincidentally, I am pretty nearsighted. As a kid, the eye doctor was my favorite doctor.

When I left, I could see the leaves on the trees clearly, and I didn't get a shot. That had a lot to play in it."

Kavanaugh Eye Care has a bright, sophisticated showroom featuring some of the best designers in the business and several exclusive lines. In addition, there are some lower-priced frames - "something for everybody."

The shop offers the colorful and trendy French label, Anne et Valentin, as well as the French collection, Face à Face, which is sometimes called "eye jewelry."
It carries the daring designs of the German Ogi Eyewear and of ProDesign, a Danish firm. You'll find top-selling brands, such as Kate Spade, and sports eye wear from Italy's Rudy Project. Ray-Bans, Giorgio Armani, Grant Italia, Gucci, Jimmy Choo - and the list goes on.

Not only are the frames smart and swank, recent research has improved the quality of lenses.

"No-line bifocals have essentially replaced line bifocals," Dr. Guice said. "New research has improved the reading portion. They are much more improved.

"We only offer digital, free-form technology, which customizes the lens around a patient's specific prescription."

His patients have been very pleased with free-form manufacturing, which produces a highly accurate finished lens.

Brian uses lenses from innovative manufacturers, such as HOYA, a company that specializes in high-end industrial optics and glass lenses.

"They make very high quality lenses. They are thinner and lighter and there are anti-reflective lenses that decrease glare and have UV protection."

And they don't scratch like older anti-glare coatings. "They will replace them an unlimited number of times due to scratches. ... They offer that, knowing they won't have to."

Kavanaugh Eye Care utilizes the most advanced technologies in contact lens fitting and manufacture. It offers bifocal and multi-focal lenses.

"We also do a lot of custom disposable contact lenses." This is beneficial for folks who have astigmatism.

Brian said business is good, despite having opened during an unstable economic time.

"We are doing very well. It takes generally three to five years ... from what we call a 'cold start,' getting out of school with not a single patient. We opened in 2009, probably about the worst time to open a new business. But we are right on track."

He loves the Heights location, and many of his patients who have, in the past, had to travel for annual eye exams, are pleased to have his services in the neighborhood.

Stephano's Fine Art Gallery, one of the neighboring businesses, has art on display at Kavanaugh Eye Care.

"Stephano was kind enough to lend us some of his art work. It is for sale. It creates a vibe that we like."

Kavanaugh Eye Care won "Best in Eyewear" in the Soiree Platinum Service Awards for 2010, 2011, and 2012. In the new category, "Best Optometrist," Dr. Guice won that as well.

Stop in the shop at 5600 Kavanaugh Blvd., in the Heights Theatre Building, and check out the beautiful frames. For additional information or for an appointment, call 614-9900.

By Bobbi Nesbitt
This story first appeared in the April 2012 issue of Shoppe Talk.