Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rock City Chiropractic in Hillcrest 
          Grand Opening in November 

     Dr. Mellorya L. Wynn is passionate about what she does.
     The owner of Rock City Chiropractic, 3000 Kavanaugh in Hillcrest, Dr. Wynn tears up when
talking about her job.
     "Getting to help people and getting them to feel better.  I feel very blessed and very fortunate that I get to do what I do.  When someone has been in pain for years, sometimes, oftentimes, I am the last resort. 
      A patient two or three months ago said you've changed my life - you've given me my life back."
      Known affectionately to friends and patients as "Mell" or "Dr. Mell," Mellorya is not only a chiropractic physician, but an acupuncturist and a specialist in golf injuries.
      That means she can not only alleviate your neck or back pain, but help improve your golf game, help you lose weight or stop smoking, or even stop your child from wetting the bed.
      "I think she is an amazing practitioner," Gene Ludwig of West Little Rock said.
     "My brother had neck pain, and he went to a local chiropractor who had taken an X-ray and told him that he was not comfortable treating him," Mr. Ludwig said.
     "I told him maybe Dr. Mell could help.  She found an occluded carotid artery.  She picked it up from X-ray.  My physician sister didn't think my chiropractor could have found that. Than she saw the X-rays, and said, 'She's spot on.'"
    Mell said, "The sister was a believer after that."  When Dr. Wynn found the occludd artery, she immediately sent Gene's brother to a cardiologist for additional testing.  "He could have had a stroke," she said. 
     Gene said he has had some cycling injuries that Mell has successfully treated.  "She incorporates 
other sciences like massage therapy.  As a team, they got me back on the bike sooner than I expected.  I think she is fantastic!  She has the highest credibility someone can have with me."
     Dr. Wynn earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Central Arkansas and then attended the Cleveland Chiropractic College.  After having graduated in 2004, she then attained an acupuncture specialty in 2005.  She began practice that year in North Little Rock, where she stayed until moving to west Little Rock and then to Hillcrest in July.  
     She hearts Hillcrest.  "I have never been happier.  I love it. I love the sense of community.  It's just a different feel you don't get in other areas.  People come by, stick their head in the door and say 'Oh, this looks so good.'"  Little Rock interior designer Jason Edwards put together the chic black, white and gray office. "His vision is phenomenal," Mell said.  "It blows me away when I walk in every day."
     Rock City Chiropractic will have a grand opening November 7.  Clark Huff, who worked as a chef at the Governor's Mansion, will cater the event.  Come and enjoy the food and wine, and pick up a gift bag with coupons for a discounted first visit and sign up to win a free acupuncture session.
     "I like to be diverse.  I like to treat kids, women, men," she said.  "My job is to put the spine in proper alignment so that the nervous system can function properly. The body is allowed to heal itself."
      She specializes in golf injuries.
     "I can teach people how to swing to avoid injur-ies. It's fun, and it's rewarding.  And it's taking their golf game to another level. They tell me, 'I'll be here forever.'"
     Chiropractic manipulations can relieve pain and help with digestive issues, endometriosis, tendinitis, and some bed wetting.
     Parents sometimes blame children for wetting their beds, thinking it is a behavioral problem.
     Mell said bed wetting is a nervous system issue.
     "There is bone pressing on a nerve that affects the bladder." She likened it to putting a foot on a water hose.  When that pressure is lifted, it opens up that signal and restores proper nerve function.
      Acupuncture is a component of traditional Chinese medicine and is quite common in the States today.  It utilizes very thin needles to stimulate certain points on the body in order to correct the body's energy flow. It is used for healing and for fighting cravings,
      "I have a couple of patients who are long-term smokers. I treat that and alcohol addiction and weight loss. It is designed to not only help with cravings, but make it taste bad."
      She said acupuncture works differently on each person.  
      "The points for addiction are on the ear.  I had a patient who wanted to lose weight.  She loved diet Coke and chocolate. She ended up losing 17 pounds just because she wasn't doing those two bad habits."
     Acupuncture can help with many ailments, including digestive problems, sciatica, chronic pain, headaches and migraines, TMJ, allergies and fatigue.  
    There are few side effects or risks from its practice. 
    That's one of the things that Lisa Fischer of Chenal likes about acupuncture and chiropractic medicine.
      "For overall health, we go to the chiropractor.  We seldom see a medical doctor," Mrs. Fischer,  
the morning show host on KURB 98.5 radio, said.  "Our whole family, we go to her once a week."
       Lisa said acupuncture had given her immediate relief from sinus problems. Mell's chiropractic administrations had rapidly healed her frozen shoulder and helped her children with TMJ and sports injuries.  In addition, her husband had been helped with high blood pressure, and most dramatically, she had been brought into remission from a rare disorder that supposedly has no cure.
     "My husband was diagnosed with high blood pressure," she said, adding that he was skeptical at first that Dr. Mell could help him.  On the other hand, he said, "I am not the person who will be compliant and take blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life."
    Lisa said after treatment by Dr. Wynn, his blood pressure is now normal.
    For 15 years, Lisa had suffered from achalasia, a rare disorder that makes it difficult for food and liquid to pass into the stomach.
    "Now it is in remission.  My GI doctor said she'd never heard anyone see complete remission, see this success. It was done with no invasive procedures, no narcotics," Lisa said. "I'd really rather not put medicine in the body unless I have to."
    Lisa has the highest regard for Mell: "She shoots straight.  Mell is so quiet and unassuming.  She lets the adjustments work.  So, you can see, we love it.  It is very valuable to our family, and we just love her too."
      Folks should know that Mell's fees are often less than most insurance co-pays. You may contact her at 231-8296.

                      Dr. Mell